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7. Send BTC

The Send BTC endpoint allows merchants to send customers instant payouts or refunds in Bitcoin. Please note that merchants must either prefund their payout wallet or wait for a settlement in BTC from their sales wallet. This endpoint only allows BTC to be sent from the Plue payout account. The debit_subtype field must be sent with send_crypto_email in the request.

Customer Plue Accounts
  1. If the email address of the recipient matches that of a registered Plue user the transaction will be automatically processed and sent to the user’s Plue wallet.
  2. If the email address of the recipient does not match any registered Plue user, a temporary account will be created for the user and an email will be sent to the user allowing them to create an account and set their password. Once the user registers an account with the email/mobile number used by the Merchant, the user will instantly redeem their BTC in their Plue wallet.


In order to use this endpoint you must include the authentication API key in the header of your request.

curl https://api.plue.io/3/
  -H "Authorization: Token {token}"


URL Method
https://api.plue.io/3/transactions/transfer/ POST

Example data:

    "recipient": "user@plue.io",
	"amount": 5000,
    "currency": "TXBT",
    "debit_subtype": "send_crypto_email"

Required fields:

Field Description Default
recipient email address or mobile number null
amount value to send in satoshi null
currency currency to send (TXBT/XBT) null
debit_subtype must be set to “send_crypto_email” null

Optional fields:

Field Description Default
credit_account account reference code null
debit_account account reference code null
debit_note user’s note or message blank
debit_metadata custom metadata {}
debit_reference optional debit reference string
credit_subtype a custom defined subtype null
credit_account account reference code null
credit_note user’s note or message blank
credit_metadata custom metadata {}
credit_reference optional credit reference string

Example success response:

    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "id": "3716cb9e-1ab7-462c-aacc-96d504839483",
        "collection": "b06790fd-1db4-4cfd-9c9c-ca9c54ffd805",
        "parent": null,
        "partner": {
            "id": "d72fb937-c86e-4008-9d4f-dc12ab785365",
            "user": {
                "id": "8489698a-8e22-446a-81b1-cd1d9355ad85",
                "identifier": "testuser@plue.io",
                "email": "testuser@plue.io",
                "mobile": null,
                "username": null,
                "first_name": "",
                "last_name": "",
                "profile": null,
                "temporary": true
        "tx_type": "debit",
        "subtype": null,
        "note": "",
        "metadata": null,
        "status": "Pending",
        "reference": null,
        "amount": -500000,
        "fee": 0,
        "total_amount": -500000,
        "balance": 0,
        "account": "VETD7UES4E",
        "label": "Debit",
        "currency": {
            "code": "TXBT",
            "display_code": "TXBT",
            "description": "Bitcoin",
            "symbol": "₿",
            "unit": "satoshi",
            "divisibility": 8,
            "icon": null
        "fees": [],
        "executed": null,
        "created": 1627068190239,
        "updated": 1627068190272